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movie_flaws's Journal

Movie Flaws *now, that doesnt fit*
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Rules, FAQ, and info on britjunk and runnonnifty's community, movie_flaws.


We are all about movie plots that have holes or things that just don't add up to you. Missed something in a movie? Like why something happened/ didn't happen? Post it here. If you are being abuse, contant: A.) the LJ abuse team then B.) the maintainers. If you have a complaint/comment about something (such as our layout)/someone don't be afraid to speak up. Make a post or you may comment in the maintainers journal. And lastly HAVE FUN!


1. Though you may ask something a movie were you may have to give a little info about the end of the movie please use an LJ cut, just incase one or more member(s) haven't seen the movie.
2. Long entries please place behind an LJ cut, if you don't know how please refer to the LJ FAQ.
3. Please no cross posting or spam. We don't want to hear about your other journals. Please go to community_promo to promote your community
4. Please, don't ask for LJ codes. People here:
a.) Didn't come here to talk about codes
b.) Don't have any / don't want to give them to you.
So if you need a code please go to codesharing or one of the many LJ code communities, made for LJ code sharing!
5. runnonnifty and britjunk have the right to deleted any commments, or posts that we feel:
a.)Aren't on the subject of our community
b.) Are rude, evil, mean, or uncalled for.
c.) Break any one or more rules above.


1. No! You cannot promote your community here, we don't care if it has anything or nothing to do with our community.
2. Yes, this is an open community. Please feel free to join. :)
3. Cross posting is not allowed, nor spam.
4. Yes, we have the power to boot you.


Currently they are:


Thank you! Please enjoy our community! Follow the rules and have loads of fun!

Any questions please ask the maintainers.